The „International HapKiDo Dan-Federation“ is the official HapKiDo Masters organisation following the teaching system of Dojunim Kim Sou Bong. It unites all HapKiDo masters, who honour and practice the HapKiDo teaching system Kim Sou Bong.

Purpose of the organisation „International HapKiDo Dan-Federation System Kim Sou Bong“ is the technical direction, supervision and development of the progressive HapKiDo self-defence arts.

Fields of activity:

  • Offer education and trainings in order to develop highly qualified masters and instructors.
  • Establish sets of rules, issue specialist literature, establish examination directives and guidelines.
  • Provide licenses and award titles of acknowledgement.
  • Push forward the development of HapKiDo self-defence method Kim Sou Bong in cooperation with the „European HapKiDo Education centre“.
  • Verify the leadership skills and motivation of the masters and take examinations in cooperation with the „European HapKiDo Education centre“.
  • Acknowledge the solely technical leadership of HapKiDo grand master Gerhard Agrinz in the teaching system Dojunim Kim Sou Bong
  • Establish new contacts with other national and international organizations, following the same goals, as well as maintain and deepen existing relationships.

Apart from commercial intentions and social performance standards it is our primary ambition to cultivate the heritage of "Dojunim Kim Sou Bong" and jointly continue to do so in the future.




Ing. Gerhard Agrinz


Annemarie Halbedl


Ing. Robert Lajko


Alois Schrei


Mag. Günther Knittelfelder


Josef Tscherne