New Orientation

We have to learn, how to identify the inescapable conflicts and outrages we face in society nowadays. We should learn to defend ourselves.

- How and whereby?

The great variety of martial arts, which are available in our environment, can be confusing to laymen. Everybody should ask himself: What am I looking for?

- Physical exercise, improvement of fitness and physical flexibility in “hard” and “aggressive” martial arts training, which sometimes goes to physical limits?

Or maybe

- Physical and mental harmony? Self defence as your life task, as your potential path of life? Calmness and composure, degradation of aggression and development of personality, quickness and strong ability to make decisions of psych and physique.


Very often people who are interested in martial arts do not know about this substantial difference between martial arts, combat sports and pure self defence. A reason therefore may be, that our western term “combat sports” does not exist in eastern cultures.

The equal use and training of body and mind is usual in Mudo (Budo) live in the east. The concentration on the physical aspect in martial arts in our western live paved the way for a lot of misunderstandings and existing prejudices.

Reactions to external impacts are mostly uncontrolled – people are not aware of the futility of their actions. If people pretend exaggerated self-confidence they provoke reactions, which wouldn’t take place, if they would not do so. Provocative appearance teases others and invites them to trial of strength. An inwardly stable person is aware of his value and does not need to compare himself with others.

The instruction methods developed by Kim Sou Bong (HapKiDo teaching system Kim Sou Bong and TMR instruction system) lead to the appropriate reactions, the right way.