TMR instruction system „Self-protection for women"

Although we live in a civilized world we are faced with an increasing number of violent crimes – mainly in cities. The victims of such crime come from all social groups or ages.

Violence, in particular violence against women unfortunately is still part of our society, it is all around us, if we want or not. Think of rape in the public (unfortunately in several circles this is still considered a trivial offense) or other violent actions. Many women will already have been faced with annoying and unpleasant overtures. If it does not exceed verbal attacks or a menacing showing off by the troublemaker, you may be glad that nothing worse happened, but you may have experienced a feeling of helplessness and the question “What if” remains. But what can you do, if a downcast gaze, the intention to give the fiend a wide berth and open signalizing “I want to be left in peace” is not sufficient?

How shall you behave when you're a woman and exposed to the threat of a man seeming superior due to physical strength?

It is unrealistic to base women's self-defense on a purely technical way. Also, role-playing games with other women hardly help to protect themselves effectively in everyday life.

It’s not only violence of physical nature you need to defend of. Personality protection is also necessary, if you are faced with physical or psychological pressure. Women will not learn self-assertion only from situational techniques or theoretical “What if”.

Equally important as fear reduction is the development of the will. However do not confuse willpower and uncontrolled aggression. Controlled use of your own body and your own thoughts empowers every woman to protect her personality.

That’s the goal of

Self-protection training according to TMR instruction system

Violence prevention, proper psychological and tactical procedures as well as the recognition of dangerous situations and the drawing of clear lines until the use of effective self-defense techniques are essential objectives of the training.


Women who train self-protection according to the TMR instruction system achieve noticeably quick success in building up their personality. With the (self-) security gained in this way, women can react to all physical and psychological attacks without losing control. The "feeling of powerlessness", to be unable to influence one's actions against one's own person is abolished. On the contrary, within a short time women are able to incorporate their own will into the course of action, to determine it.

Not a false heroism is the goal of self-protection, but benefiting of the best opportunities of all offered advantages (and this may also include running away!).

It is not always the case that a rescuer is nearby, it is the woman herself whose behaviour matters.

The key to success lies in the TMR self-protection education system specific for women, developed by HapKiDo grand master Gerhard Agrinz.


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