European Hap-Ki-Do Education Center

The European Hap-Ki-Do Education Center was founded by Dojunim Kim Sou Bong. Now his successor grand master Gerhard Agrinz 10. Dan exclusively continues with the management of the European Hap-Ki-Do Education center.

This education center is the central education center for trainers, instructors and masters, who practice Hap-Ki-Do according to the teaching system Kim Sou Bong. Grand master Gerhard Agrinz runs this education center mainly in order to further develop the Hap-Ki-Do teaching system Kim Sou Bong, offers special seminars and educates licensed Hap-Ki-Do masters and instructors. A main factor is the implementation and application of “TMR instruction system”, which has its origin in the “TMR basic system”, developed by Kim Sou Bong and modified and reorganized by grand master Gerhard Agrinz.

The TMR instruction system is a self-contained and independent education system, which is worldwide unique and revolutionary in budo sports and self-defense. 

The European Hap-Ki-Do Education Center offers special trainings and education programs for different target groups, based on the TMR instruction system.

Licensed trainers/instructor educations:

- trainer license
- instructor B-license
- instructor A-license

Special education programs for:

Budo martial arts practitioners:


„TMR martial arts basic stabilization“


Children and teenager:


„TMR child self-protection – self assertion“




„TMR women self-protection and self-defence“




„TMR self-protection Generation 50+“


Gerhard Agrinz

Hap-Ki-Do grand master 10. DAN
teaching system Kim Sou Bong
owner und manager of
„European Hap-Ki-Do Education Center“