TMR instruction system „Self-protection for children“

Development of the children’s personality is self-protection

Violence in everyday life, violence on TV, violence in school.

Nowadays children grow up in a complex environment. Very often they learn the language of violence very quickly and feel the excesses of aggression being normal. The modern parenting aims on an early independence of the children. But how do children know, what is good or what is bad for them? How do they learn to say “no”, to be strong? Children are willing to learn. They need sources of know-how in order to develop a strong character and their personality.

Due to our long-term training experiences and studies we have developed special training exercises for children, which let identify the character of each child. On the basis of these findings and using the “TMR instruction system” grand master Gerhard Agrinz has developed a training program particularly for the sensitive young personalities.

This self-protection training reduces aggressions with the child and helps to build up its willpower. In playing the children are introduced to conscious perception of the environment and to the functionality and reaction of their own body. By practicing simple self-defence actions they experience how to escape from physical assaults quickly.

Preventive measures as well as correct conduct in dangerous situations are taught in the basic education. So children are introduced to recognize dangerous situations and learn to solve them in role plays. They practice to make decisions between “be aware” – “keep distance” or “run away”.

The integrated elements in this education program like etiquette, respect, attentiveness as well as the instinct for empathy, order and politeness provide a strong structure and support for social life.


Do you have children?

Do you know the consequences of regularly practiced and targeted training particularly in parenting? Have you ever thought about how to direct the good character and the good personal qualities of a child and to enable love and community with children? With our HapKiDo TMR instruction system we are specialized in this particular part of modern parenting. We offer this trainings in many villages! We will be glad to inform you how to apply the TMR instruction system according to the development of the personality in modern parenting.


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