HapKiDo teaching system Kim Sou Bong

The psychological and pedagogical aspect of the teaching system Kim Sou Bong allows to adapt the “original HapKiDo teaching” to the European mentality. This refers to the teaching itself with regard to the development of the personality on the one hand, and on the applicability of real-life and effective self-defence techniques on the other hand.

The main focus is always put on health, a form of education avoiding injuries. This is secured by a particularly developed communication and control system.

The basic education creates the preconditions for a real self-defence. The HapKiDo-ka is picked up at his own physical and psychic level according to his actual constitution.

The HapKiDo-ka creates an awareness, which allows him to develop the power of resistance and assertiveness as well as the will to fight.

The teaching system aims at a controlled and injury-free real education for a humans’ positive and holistic development.

The teaching system waives the competitive sports abilities, acrobatics and show. Utilization and handling of so called classic weapons is definitely not aim of the teaching system.

The only exception are exercises with a stick (Dan-Pong), because a stick is a natural item and not seen as a weapon.

Classical forms, so called patterns (Hyongs), are not used in HapKiDo teaching system Kim Sou Bong.


Self-protection – self-defence

Real and situational application of techniques means, that the techniques themselves are functional, real-life applicable and efficient.

Attacker and defender get in an optimum starting position. The attacker brings himself in starting position for a quick and efficient attack. The defender prefers a position, which provides maximum security and the best precondition for a controlled defending reaction. The defensive action is just a reaction or answer the attack phase. So first aim is to stop or prevent the attack already in its beginning or to utilize the aggressors’ power efficiently to take control in this situation.


The teaching system Kim Sou Bong is no competition sports, no focus on victory or competitive thinking or aggressive actions like in other kinds of martial arts.

A main part of the education is the qualification free fight. Dojunim Kim Sou Bong has therefore created a special rulebook. Purpose of the qualification free fight is to test your own technical capabilities, not to win. Aim is to get into a confrontation with open end or unknown result. Fairness is foremost rule.


Main advantages of the teaching system:

  • The teaching system considers the characteristics and capabilities of the student. This is one of the differences to other and former teaching methods.
  • The student gets a clear view for his actual capabilities and becomes proactive.
  • The teaching system requires the engagement of body and mind equally.


Characteristics of the system:

  • training methods adaptable to everyone
  • application of control forms
  • technical, moral and realistic form of education
  • application of self-defence possible after short training period
  • creation of a moral basis for ideal and personality.
  • meaningful and purposing technical teaching form due to the systematic organized examination rules
  • permanent orientation on self-protection according to a real self-defence


Fundamental technical elements of the teaching system:

-    examination rules considering the development process
-    control form and communication
-    buffer covering
-    core movement
-    specific practicing elements and contact exercises
-    breaking test without resistance
-    specific gymnastics


-      Qualification free fight:

        *  6 persons per team

        *  specific fight philosophy

        *  kick distributing

        *  kick contact combination and variation techniques



Basic thoughts of grand master Gerhard Agrinz about the teaching system

  • quote by Dojunim Kim Sou Bong:

                                     "Do never attack, but never accept to be attacked!"


  • do not stick to techniques only, but orient towards appropriate, spontaneous and free possibilities
  • use of the values "ethics - moral" as regulatory function
  • utilization of defensive advantage
  • respectful attitude as well as careful and controlled interaction  
  • HapKiDo teaching system Kim Sou Bong is an ideal form of martial arts and self-defence method. Controlling the attacker requires just little power to stand up to dangerous situations.