TMR instruction system

The “TMR instruction system” is an instruction system based on technical, moral and philosophical principles aiming to develop the personality and improve health.

TMR is a universally applicable basic education program for all kinds of budo sports, in particular for self-protection and self-assertion.

The TMR basic system, developed by Dojunim Kim Sou Bong from Korea, has been modified and restructured by grand master Gerhard Agrinz, a personal master student and successor of Kim Sou Bong. Now TMR is a self-contained and independent instruction system with a completely new approach to training and development of persons occupying themselves with self-defense, martial arts and combat sports. 

Three single letters form the name “TMR”, the letters have a specific meaning:

T -        stands for „technical know-how“ means you have to be fully aware of the functionality

M -      stands for „moral basis“ means that any action follows rules like

moral behaviour, which allows the mutual training. R
espect, control and avoidance of pain are fundamental rules.

R -       stands for „reality“ means that the exercises and above all the result thereof are applicable in reality.

The combination of all three factors forms the characteristic of the instruction system, but the moral basis is the central factor. That means that the theoretical know-how has to be adapted to the moral aspects and applied in live practice. This moral basic does not mean good or bad people but with regularities within our society and a life principle.

This special “TMR instruction system” is independent from any kind of combat sport style and can universally be applied in any kind of budo sports. It does not influence or change the individual customs, traditional form or character. Main focus is on application of special exercise programs, which form the basis and the preconditions for all kinds of budo sports.

Exercising persons are enabled – stabilized, this forms the physical and psychological fundament for all individual kinds of budo sports.

Aim of the programs is to start a process to develop awareness in order to acquire important characteristics like self-confidence, will for resistance, assertiveness etc. as well as to relieve fear, barriers and aggressions.

The basis of the “TMR instruction system” are the particularly developed exercise programs, which lead when executed and trained to a positive change of the physical and psychological condition. They lead to mental and physical accord, what results in harmony, awareness and self-confidence and finally in a strong personality.

Without such a strong personality structure any technique will not be as efficient as it could be. So this is the substantial step to do: do not stick to technique solely but orientate towards reality and free possibility! It is understood that specified exercise forms must be kept and adhered, but the development of responsiveness to spontaneous situations is central issue of the TMR system! This is the new quality in development of self-protection.

In the TMR instruction system the principle of defence exceeds the simple application of the techniques as single action and puts the entire personality into the center of the education process. The focus of instruction switches from technique towards personality – always aware of the danger, that wrong instruction may lead to demoralization and aggression. That’s the reason, why the self-confidence of personality has to be prior developed by the development of awareness stages!

In many kinds of combat sports usually the “strong” persist and they do not have problems to reach their goals. The “weak” have problems and are not able to make their way, fall by the wayside or get demoralized through training pressure. In particular this demoralization process is avoided in this specific instruction system, so the TMR system provides the optimum protection for practitioners and instructors.