„TMR self-protection“

The ultimate form of self-defense

  • up to date
  • immediately applicable

The TMR self-defense and self-protection system was developed on the basis of the TMR instruction system.

Compared with traditional forms, where the students need years of training before they learn specific techniques, the learning and teaching principle has been turned on its head, ie the student learns the skills required for self-defense right from the beginning of his training on. The student is required to act according to the situation. It allows him to use and control his personal abilities according to his constitution. From this he recognizes his deficits and can gradually resolve them. This is the essential step: do not stick to technique solely but orientate towards reality and free possibility! The main focus in the TMR self-defense system is on the development of responsiveness to spontaneous and real-life situations. This is the new quality in execution!

The students mainly occupy themselves with the person vis-à-vis, they permanently communicate with each other and experience the meaning, purpose and aim of the exercise or the technique. Using and applying the specific training exercises and forms the students learn to deal with movement, discover the function, feel their pain threshold and learn to apply the techniques according to their personal physical skills and abilities. 

The technical possibilities applied in TMR self-defense system have been developed from specific training exercises. The target of the exercise program is to start a process of awareness in order to develop important characteristics like self-confidence, the will to resist, assertiveness as well as to remove fear, obstacles and aggressions. 

Each action of attack is answered with an individual form of defence. Functionality and effectiveness are essential elements in this case. 

The utilization of power and harmonization of the movements in combination with the applied principles form the fundament of this unique method of self-defense. 

The student goes through several training levels, coordinated methodically and didactically, thus he is in constant development. The student receives the ability to defend himself consequent and within short time. 

The fundamental development of the self-defense practicing person using training exercises of the TMR instruction system secures the development of the personal skills also in the techniques. 

Therefrom derives the immediate arousal of awareness: 

  • What do I do?
  • Why do I do it?
  • How do I do it?
  • Do I understand the body functionality?
  • What do I have to do?

Target is to realize own ideas of the practicing persons and let him find possible applications independently.

This is the only way (the core) to guarantee, that the persons are able to defend themselves in real life and dangerous situations. 

Advantages of this form of self-defense system: 

The self-defense system utilizes the characteristics and abilities of the student, this is the complete contrast to other training methods. 

  • The student quickly gets clear information about his actual skills and let him act proactive.
  • The training exercises and contract exercises convey a clear instruction to the body and start a process of awareness. 
  • The application of self-defense is already possible after a very short period of training. 
  • adaptable training method for everybody
  • no particular preconditions required