Grand master Gerhard Agrinz

10. Dan
Chief instructor/System representative

In 1971 grand master Gerhard Agrinz started practicing Hap-Ki-Do in Austria. He was the personal master student until grand master Kim Sou Bong died on 04.08.2011.

Grand master Gerhard Agrinz was announced for the official successorship by the Corean grand master Kim Sou Bong for the Hap-Ki-Do System Kim Sou Bong. Grand master Kim Sou Bong passed the worldwide solely and unrestricted technical leadership of the Hap-Ki-Do System Kim Sou Bong to grand master Gerhard Agrinz.

In this context grand master Gerhard Agrinz also assumed the responsibility for the European Hap-Ki-Do training center for continuation. This center is the central training center for Hap-Ki-Do teacher, instructors and master instructors. In particular the training center concentrates on the application and practicing of the TMR instruction system, developed by grand master Kim Sou Bong, focusing on the self-assertion of humans. This TMR instruction system is an independent teaching system, providing a completely new approach to the education and development of humans in the field of self-defense and martial arts.

Within this more than four decades of Hap-Ki-Do activity grand master Gerhard Agrinz has made significant and trend-setting contributions to the Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong. His aim has always been to advance and further establish this unique Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong together with all Hap-Ki-Do masters and friends for the future.


Hap Ki Do way of grand master Gerhard Agrinz

1984, world record owner of a double foot special jump up to a height of 2,3m

1976 - 1988, multiple Hap-Ki-Do-competition winner in the following disciplines: show competition, breaking and free fight 

1990, Appointment for Hap-Ki-Do-master instructor, representative for Austria by grand master Kim Sou Bong on 01.11.1990

1995, Exam for 4th Dan grade in Sin Moo HapKiDo on 03.08.1995 under Dojunim Ji Han Jae, Certificate Nr. 558

2011, graduated to 9th Dan grade and awarded the title grand master of Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong on 09.01.2011 by grand master Kim Sou Bong

2011, officially announced for successor by grand master Kim Sou Bong for the Hap-Ki-Do system Kim Sou Bong

2011, became president of the International Hap-Ki-Do Dan-Federation System Kim Sou Bong

Chief referee at the „ Open European All-Style Sport  HapKiDo Tournament  2018“ in Saint Petersburg /Russia

07.10.2018, graduate for 10. Dan, IHKDFD

02.06.2019, Member of the Martial Arts Association-International

02.06.2019, Member of the International Board of Black Belts the Technical. Advisory Council Committee of Martial Arts Education of  the Martial Arts Association-International

Chief referee at the „ Open European HapKiDo  Championship  2019“ in Saint Petersburg /Russia

Additional trainings and knowledge:

1984/1985, certified trainer for fitsports “Lehrwart im Fitsport”, education by Bundeslehranstalt für Leibeserziehung in Graz

1990, acupressure/shiatsu training

1992, certified trainer for Hap-Ki-Do, education by Bundeslehranstalt für Leibeserziehung Graz

01/1992, EDU Kinaesthetic – basic training

03/1992, Touch for health – basic training

Furthermore grand master Gerhard Agrinz has often been referee on national and international Hap-Ki-Do martial arts seminars

(GHA) Global Hap Ki DO Association  / Referee

The Union of HapKiDo Federation  / Referee

Contact: Mail

Tel.: +43 664 2447940



International Martial Arts Award Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit 2014 “Dedicated Master of the year”

Martial Arts Hall of Honours Atlantic City 2015 “Grand Master of the year Europe” 

2015 Inaugural Tri-State Icon´s - Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame Philadelphia, August 2015: "Golden Pioneer"

International Martial Arts Award Suisse Hall of Honours 2016: "Grandmaster of the Year"

International Martial Arts Award Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit 2017: "Legends of the Martial Arts 2017"

European HapKiDo Hall of Fame 2022 Croatia "European HapKiDo Pioneer Award"

International Martial Arts of Hall of Fame Netherlands "Platinum Award 2022

(+50 years in HapkiDo)